About EISA

The European International Studies Association (EISA) is a new individual membership based association, serving the International Studies community in Europe and beyond. EISA has been created by the Standing Group on International Relations. Activities include a broad range of events, ranging from large scale biennial Pan-European Conferences to the European Workshops on International Studies (EWIS), PhD summer schools, Exploratory Symposia (ES) and Young Researchers’ Workshops (YRW), the latter organized back-to-back of the Pan-European conferences. EISA publishes the European Journal of International Relations (with Sage), the PSIR book series (with Palgrave) and is planning a new European policy-oriented journal on global affairs. EISA will also run a mail-list and an up to date website facilitating communication within and beyond the European IR community.

Further information is available at the EISA's website.