Schedule and Programme

Please see the conference programme here. This is the version of the programme that will be printed as part of the conference booklet. Further updates will be inserted into the hard copy of the conference programme on the morning of the conference. For updates to the programme in the meantime, please see ConfTool.

Wednesday 18 September


1300-2000                  Registration

1500-1700                  Welcome and plenary


Plenary ‘Polycentric world and international security’ given by Adam Rotfeld (University of Warsaw; former Minister of Foreign Affairs; former Director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) and chaired by Edward Haliżak (University of Warsaw)
1700-1730                  Break

1730-1915                  Parallel semi-plenary sessions


Semi-plenary 1: Ordoliberalism and the political economy of crisis (Roundtable featuring Volker Berghahn, Werner Bonefeld, Philip Cerny, Lars Feld, and Brigitte Young (chair))

Semi-plenary 2: The curiosity deficit in times of masculinised crisis (Cynthia Enloe, chaired by Ian Bruff)

Semi-plenary 3: Sociologies of IR scholarship and the politics of knowledge production (Roundtable featuring Inanna Hamati-Ataya, Oliver Kessler, Elzbieta Stadtmuller (chair), Ole Wæver, Heloise Weber)



Thursday 19 September


0800-1900                  Registration

0900-1045                  Session TA

1045-1115                  Break

1115-1300                  Session TB

1300-1415                  Lunch; EISA General Assembly

1415-1600                  Session TC

1600-1630                  Break

1630-1815                  Session TD


Evening: Section Chairs’ dinner



Friday 20 September


0800-1900                  Registration

0900-1045                  Session FA

1045-1115                  Break

1115-1300                  Session FB

1300-1415                  Lunch

1415-1600                  Parallel semi-plenary sessions


Semi-plenary 4: The body in/and international relations (Roundtable featuring Mika Aaltola (chair), Karin Fierke, Nicholas Kiersey, Sergei Prozorov, and Nicola Smith)

Semi-plenary 5: Europe and global affairs (Roundtable featuring Edward Haliżak, Katie Laatikainen, Sonia Lucarelli, Stefania Panebianco (chair), and Zlatko Šabič)

Semi-plenary 6: The worlds of IR (Stefano Guzzini, chaired by Tanja Aalberts)

Semi-plenary 7: IR as the discipline of Western supremacy (Kees van der Pijl, chaired by Andreas Nölke)


1600-1630                  Break

1630-1815                  Session FD


Evening: Conference reception



Saturday 21 September


0800-1400                  Registration

0900-1045                  Session SA

1045-1115                  Break

1115-1300                  Session SB

1300-1415                  Lunch

1415-1600                  Session SC